What is a Mashup you may ask?  A Mashup is a collaboration of works, a combination of various materials brought together to form a derivative whole. WellnessMashup.com Was created to bring the best of the Fitness, nutrition, health, and Wellness community together, to provide quality resources, and help educate and enable people to make healthier choices in diet and in life.

About Us:

Kevin Krautsack: 

Kevin is a Health scientist, Exercise physiologist, and Health educator. He has a degree in Health Science from Kennesaw State University with concentrations in Exercise physiology, nutrition, and school health. He is a childhood cancer survivor passionate about teaching others how the body heals, how to eat right and exercise properly, and ultimately how to thrive in an increasingly toxic world. Through his sickness and fight back to health he has gained a wealth of information regarding nutrition, the human body, and ultimately what it takes to get well.  He loves to share this knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen.

Kevin is the founder of WellnessMashup.com. He created the website as a means of archiving useful information and resources related to health and wellness so that anyone in search of answers can educate themselves and find relevant resources in a simplified and efficient way.

Raul Hiteshew: 

Raul is a Health educator, certified personal trainer, and weight loss coach. He loves to educate people and give them practical methods of obtaining health and reaching their goals. Raul is a fitness and physique competitor and has placed in many competitions which have qualified him to compete in national level shows. 

Raul enjoys simplifying weight loss programs and helping people lose weight and gain health in a practical and efficient way that addresses biochemical individuality and does not require starvation diets, supplements, drugs, or other harmful methods.  

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The information on this site is for educational use only. All information is sourced from peer reviewed professional studies, professional works, and professional journals from the USA and around the world; However, no information on this site should replace the advice of a qualified, licensed, and competent health care professional. Always consult your doctor before beginning any wellness plan, exercise regimen, or making any dramatic dietary changes.