Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ― Hippocrates.

Nutrition is an essential component of health that should not be ignored. The main roles of nutrition include providing fuel for energy production, regulating metabolism, and providing the raw materials required for growth and recovery. Additionally, a healthy diet combined with proper exercise can play a significant role in disease prevention, control, and reversal.

The provided information is a research-based summary of what a balanced diet might include.  However, keep in mind that everyone is unique, and due to genetic differences, family, and lifestyle factors, ratios and foods might have to be adjusted.  Remember, YOU are the best doctor for you.  Pay attention to how you feel and what combinations give you the most energy without a resulting crash.

In attempt to keep this site succinct, organized, and to help you reach your own personal goals, we have created the following topics:

Nutrition Essentials
  • Real Nutrition and the Diet Dilemma 
  • Step 1: Eat Real Food
  • Step 2: Avoid allergenic foods
  • Step 3: Change the meat you eat
  • Step 4: Healthy fats vs. Toxic Fats
  • Step 5: Obtain quality carbohydrates
  • Step 6: Learn to read labels
  • Nutrition Essentials shopping list
Nutrition For Health and Weight Loss
  • Losing Weight Vs. Gaining Health
  • Calories in vs. Calories out and. the hormonal effects of food
  • Effortless weight loss: Turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Finding the balance: Diet vs. Exercise
  • Foods and supplements that assist health and weight loss
  • Weight loss plan shopping list
  • Foods and additives to avoid

Nutrition For Weight Gain
Nutrition For Disease Prevention
The longevity formula


The information on this site is for educational use only. All information is sourced from peer reviewed professional studies, professional works, and professional journals from the USA and around the world; However, no information on this site should replace the advice of a qualified, licensed, and competent health care professional. Always consult your doctor before beginning any wellness plan, exercise regimen, or making any dramatic dietary changes.